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We Accept The Following Products For Recycling:
Concrete/Asphalt Rubble 


Loads with trash or sized over 30x30 in size will be charged for our cost to remove the trash or size the material. Many competitors will not accept these loads but we offer this service to ensure these loads get recycled.

Construction Lumber 


Clean loads of construction lumber are accepted at a reduced rate. Most of this material is processed into mulch or salvaged for reuse.

Mixed Construction Debris 


We are the only Transfer Processing Facility approved for the collection of mixed construction material here in the Coachella Valley. If you use this service you will save on dump fees and help the local jurisdictions to meet the mandated recycling requirements.

Dry Wall 


Clean loads of dry wall are accepted at a reduced rate. This material, along with dry wall we separate from our mixed constructions materials, is crushed and screened to separate the paper from the gypsum. Our gypsum is sold to the agriculture markets as a soil  amendment and plant nutrient.



This material is screened to remove the organics and the remaining sand is reused as clean fill.

Sweeper Sand 


We have a Solid Waste Handling Permit that allows us to collect the materials collected by local street sweeping companies. This material is screened to remove residuals and the sand is reused as clean fill.

Recycling Industry Trends
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Recycling C&D Materials is both economical and environmental, but you also need to stay informed in order to remain competitive and fully compliant with all regulations! The CMRA estimates that total C&D Debris generated in the US this year will total 350 Million Tons! By comparison, the most recent estimates of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generated in the US in 2006 were 251 Million Tons.

You already know that reuse, recycling, and C&D waste reduction creates jobs, contributes revenue, develops communities and businesses, but did you also know that unlike MSW or Hazardous Waste, C&D Debris is not defined or regulated at the Federal level under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)? With no minimum Federal requirements or enforcements, C&D Debris Management falls to each individual State, which can vary from State to State.

Desert Recycling  is committed to staying informed of all EPA, State DEP, and C&D Recycling Industry changes that affect us all! Learn more about what's happening in our Industry by visiting our Learn About Recycling section today!