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Recycled Products For Sale: 


Class II Crushed Miscellaneous Base 


To achieve a quality product the concrete/asphalt loads received at our yard go through our Load Check inspection. This is to ensure that no hazardous materials are in the loads and to ensure all trash is removed and the materials are sized to 30x30 minus. This inspection process is essential to ensure that our crushed miscellaneous base is a quality product. Our base meets all specifications for Cal Trans Sect 26-1.02A Class II Base. Recent test results are available on request.


Our yard is centrally located to provide for lower delivery rates for projects in the central and western Coachella Valley. We also offer competitive pricing FOB or delivered to you project site. Our base has been used on hundreds of local project and in most of the local jurisdictions.


CLICK HERE to view the most recent test results



Our gypsum is screened to remove contaminants and the paper. We are currently making a 3/8 minus product as required for most farm applications. We produce a high quality product with high gypsum content.

 Fill Dirt  


We have ¾” minus screened fill dirt available. Much of this material is a by product of our screening of the sod/dirt and sweeper sand recycling.